I will regret this blog title

I will regret this blog title. There’s no denying it. Usernames and urls are inevitably going to be regretted. Yet an enormous amount of thought goes into every single one I’m required to create. Lists are made of words relating to myself or whatever it is I’m joining, username generators are utilised and after more overthinking than I care to admit, I come to a decision. A decision that I will ultimately regret.

Every time a tinder prospect inquires about my Snapchat, I curse myself for including ‘robo’, an abbreviation of my second name in it. In this situation, I am faced with three possible options:

  • I explain it’s an abbreviation of my second name. I have determined that I trust this person with half of my second name.
  • I let this person believe that I am a robot fanatic perhaps with a kink for new technologies.
  • I accept this tinder venture has been terminated. It simply won’t be strong enough to withstand this.

Whilst brainstorming this blog title, I made the usual list of contenders which I shall include here in order to reassure you (my non-existent readers) and myself that it could have been worse.

The Runner-Ups

  1. isthistoolongablogtitle
  2. iamnotcool
  3. howtolosefriends101
  4. isaythewrongthing
  5. clickheretoloseyourdignity
  6. bewareofthebanter

You may be startled at* the lack of resemblance any of these titles bear to my chosen title ‘gemminess’. This is because after making this list, I chose to look up words containing ‘gem’ and discovered that gemminess is in fact a word. Meaning the state of being gemlike, a state that I cannot possibly escape. Not because I am beautiful, precious and sharp (although of course, that’s all true) but because my name is Gemma and I cannot be unlike myself. Upon uncovering this rare word, it seemed fitting that my gemlike blog would be entitled ‘Gemminess’.  And there it is, the origin of the title of a newborn blog and the acceptance that I will grow to hate it.

*mildly curious about


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