Stranger things

This is not a review. This is a plea. I beg you to watch Stranger Things. It will change your life.

I’m a fangirl, okay? It’s been awhile since I’ve obsessed over something but I’ve always had the ability. Stranger things has brought this trait out within me. I started the series Sunday morning. Mid episode 2, I had to go to work from 12pm until 8.30pm and yet, I found myself yesterday at 6pm with the whole series finished. Hungry for more, I scoured the internet for anything Stranger Things related while listening to 80’s music. And now, I’ve decided it’s time. It’s time to share my thoughts on this wonderful show.


It’s the small town story of the disappearance of Will Byers in 1983, Indiana. His group of nerdy pals are determined to find him along with his mother, brother and the local chief. As the generations search for clues, the mystery unravels. And okay, this all sounds so cliche and that’s not even including the side plots of the deadbeat dad, the geek who gets the popular boy & useless small town cops. However, these cliches are forgivable as it still feels original. The acting is incredible (especially the kids, like wow), the characters are well developed (people are already starting fan clubs for minor characters who have hardly any screen time) and the plot is suspenseful (with much appreciated comic relief also).


One of the things I love most about Stranger things is that it’s so tremendously 80’s. The fashion, the references, the music. I’ve fallen in love with the decade. I wanna wear Nancy’s red corduroy jacket while watching E.T. and munching on Eggo waffles. It has captured the time in a perfectly aesthetic way. The retro aspect of Stranger Things truly adds to its cinematic substance.


Still wondering whether to watch this show or nah? Well if you like Super 8 or Stand by Me or any coming-of-age movie or artsy sci-fi flick, you would love this series…well you should…just watch it please…did I mention this wasn’t a review?


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