Tinderellas & Tinderfellas

My first post of 2017 is about Tinder. I’ve passed all feelings of shame. Tinder is great craic, why not embrace it? Okay so there’s the whole “you’re judging someone on how they look in a few photos” but this simply isn’t true. I’m judging them on their looks AND their bio AND their spotify.

I won’t lie, tinder can be painful. There are gym lads who need to realise that I’m not going to swipe right on a photo of their headless torso. There are conversations that consist of ‘Hey, what’s up? Cool. Wanna fuck sometime?’. There’s the Russian roulette of trying to identify who the person is in their group photos and swiping right hoping for the best. There’s people who haven’t gotten over their last relationship and whose photos all consist of their ex. There’s a lot more but this list is already too long.

But it can’t be denied tinder is a great place to feed my ego. Where else would I get a compliment such as this?


But don’t get me wrong, I’ve been rejected too. It’s usually following the ‘what do you study in college’ question, to which I have to admit to only being in sixth year.


Although above all else; tinder is a source of entertainment. And in the world of sixth year, that’s all I need. Here are some notably entertaining conversations:

Renaming romantic movies to murderous alternatives

Being enlightened by a highly intelligent male


Writing a poem about a boy dressed up as a girl

Roleplaying primary school kids


I think we can establish my style of flirting is what one may refer to as alternative? Contemporary? Fucking weird?

But the real question is

*cheesy narrator voice*

‘Will Gemma ever swipe right to love?’.

Stay tuned.




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