it’s new to me

Here it is, my first post dedicated completely to music. I was reluctant to write a post about music because I am in no way musical. I became painstakingly aware of this last week when I found myself in Musicmaker with a bunch of people much cooler than myself who were all jamming out on various instruments. I stood there. Talentless. Mumbling under my breath “I played the glockenspiel in my sixth class orchestra”. I’ve always wanted to be that friend that finds the coolest unknown artists and up-and-coming bands. I think we all want to be that friend. Yet instead I’m usually the friend that links someone a song and receives the reply “seriously you’re only finding this now?”. Or I claim to like an artist only to be questioned on their early stuff and become rather embarrassed. However I’ve overcome my fears of being ridiculed and I’ve made a short playlist of some new music that I’ve been enjoying (by new, I mean new to me but by all means, please do comment “you’re only finding this now???”).

8TEEN by Khalid

This song is my favourite from Khalid’s “American Teen”. It’s an incredible album which made it quite difficult to pick only one song. This song got the spot since it’s simply a feel-good chill song about *drumroll* surprisingly being 18. Other honorable mentions from the album include Let’s Go, Another Sad Love Song and of course, Location.

Ultralife by Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder was first introduced to me by my brother who I’ve probably not thanked enough. After surviving on their only album from 2015 for the last two years, we’ve been blessed with new music from them. Their new album will be out on June 16 but for now we have two singles to enjoy including Ultralife from which the album takes its name.

Heartworms by The Shins

Chances are that you probably know The Shins by their song ‘New Slang’ which features in the movie Garden State (2004). Yet they’ve had various other great hits since then and in March of this year, they released a new album on which Heartworms features. In my opinion, Heartworms is reminiscent of The Beatles and The Beach Boys but definitely has The Shins’ distinct sound. The heartworms are James Mercer’s version of those butterflies we get in our stomach when we’re in love.

Chanel by Frank Ocean 

This is possibly one of my favourite Frank Ocean’s songs to date. The lyrics in this song are simply brilliant. The lyrics, “I see both sides like Chanel, See on both sides like Chanel”, alludes to his bisexuality as the Chanel logo is two C’s facing in two different directions. After a little more research, I also discovered that Coco Chanel was known to be bisexual. This is basically one big bisexual anthem and I love it.

Back Pocket by Vulfpeck

This is one of the songs that I will emphasise is NEW TO ME. It was released in 2015 but I was only recommended it lately and I’ve been loving it. It’s very funky like much of Vulfpeck’s stuff. It’s one of those songs that gets your shoulders moving and your head bobbing which is probably why I got a few strange looks on public transport.

Cocoon by Milky Chance

I saw Milky Chance in concert in 2015 when “Stolen Dance” blew up and a random group of Naas & Sallins people flooded Vicar Street to see the two wild-haired German hippies. I had thought that when the main singer left the stage in his man uggs that night, it would be the last I’d see of him and his mate. But I’ve been pleasantly surprised. They’re no one hit wonder and they’ve come back with a new album “Blossom”. If you missed them at Vicar Street in 2015 (i.e. you’re not as cool as myself), they’ll be playing Longitude this year.

buttercup by Hippo Campus 

You know this song is cool because it doesn’t begin with a capital letter, along with all of the other songs on their debut album ‘landmark’. It’s an ode to a girl who projects an image of strength while she secretly struggles alone, unwilling to allow anyone to help her. While this may sound depressing, it is surprisingly upbeat. Hippo Campus is coming to The Academy this October and while I haven’t secured tickets yet, I’m very tempted to see this indie rock band live.




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