Hi, I’m Gemma and this is my blog. I’m a 20 year old Communications student (i.e. academic slacker) from Ireland.

This is where I overshare as a coping mechanism. This is where I reveal aspects of my life which has led to my friends using “gemma” as an adjective with synonyms such as cringey, embarrassing and quite simply sad.  This is where I occasionally post about films, songs or books so that this collection of thoughts qualifies as something more than an online diary.

Please see a very professional photo of me drinking wine below:


Alternatively, enjoy this one of me crying while eating salad:


If healthy food isn’t your thing, appreciate me seductively hiding behind this half-eaten slice of pizza:


Wow, I really need some serious headshots.

UPDATE: I got a serious headshot.


I prefer the non-serious ones. I look like the photo of the author on the back of a bad YA Fiction novel.