Story time

Feat. earphones, coffee and regret

I’ve began to notice that my brand is strongly associated with cringe-worthy, embarrassing incidents. Rather than rejecting this idea, I’ve come to fully embrace it and this blog post will be no different. Sit back and get ready to wince at my awkward life featuring earphones, a coffee and regret. The irony of this particular… Continue reading Feat. earphones, coffee and regret

Story time

Twas the night before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas when…I got outrageously drunk and showed up at my family Secret Santa. Like most storytellers do, let me start at the beginning. Last Christmas Eve, I was working away like the dedicated young woman I am. My motivation for the day: alcohol. My boss had promised that after work, we… Continue reading Twas the night before Christmas


Deadline: Midnight, Monday the 23rd of October

Exactly a month ago, I found a blog. A blog that I liked so much, I went to the heights of liking nearly every single post, commenting on a few and sliding into the blog owner’s DMs on Twitter to fangirl about how much I liked his blog. Somehow, this was well received? I judge… Continue reading Deadline: Midnight, Monday the 23rd of October