Decaying potatoes

“It feels like, feels like I’m coming of age”

Coming-of-age; the genre of awkward moments, “firsts” and rebellion. It’s my favourite genre of film. Some would suggest it holds this position because of that “relatable” factor but let’s be serious, most of us only dream of the scenes from the teenage parties and road trips that are portrayed on the big screen. However there’s… Continue reading “It feels like, feels like I’m coming of age”

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Longer titles than this one

There is something about things with exceptionally long titles; books, films, songs. It’s as if the writers just couldn’t contain their excitement and squashed as many words as possible into the title. Perhaps they also appeal to me due to my lazy nature. I’m not even required to turn over a book to read the… Continue reading Longer titles than this one


Tinderellas & Tinderfellas

My first post of 2017 is about Tinder. I’ve passed all feelings of shame. Tinder is great craic, why not embrace it? Okay so there’s the whole “you’re judging someone on how they look in a few photos” but this simply isn’t true. I’m judging them on their looks AND their bio AND their spotify.… Continue reading Tinderellas & Tinderfellas